As stated on numerous pages of this website, the members of MSFS hear and respect the opinions of THE ENTIRE MARYWOOD COMMUNITY. Recently, we received a letter written by an anonymous "concerned student" who happens to feel that our organization is doing more harm than good. MSFS wanted to clear up this student's worries. Because of this, a response was issued to the students in our Facebook group. The concerned student quickly issued a follow-up letter to our response. It seems that this student has decieded to take our side! This just goes to prove that education is important.

Click on any or all of the links below to view the respective .pdf file.

Free Speech at Marywood (the inital letter that we received)

MSFS Response

Concerned Student's Follow-Up

Also, in reguards to this situation and the initial letter that we received, a professor from a public college has contacted us to share his insights as to how absurd this initial letter was.

Click on the link below to view a .pdf file of his letter

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