04/18/07: The free speech survey is complete! We had a great response from the resident students! Check back in our new section soon for the totals!

04/10/07: For the next week, MSFS will be conducting a free speech survey in the residence halls. To view this survey, follow this link: Student Survey

02/26/07: FIRE is coming to give a speech regarding free speech rights on a college campus. The speech will be at 8:40 pm in the Crystal Room, located in the Nazareth Student Center. All should attend and bring a friend!

02/20/07: Student Government Association meeting. Finally after weeks of being cancelled due to weather, the SGA is going to have a meeting! Voting will take place on our group's proposal, so be sure to attend and show your support!

01/30/07: Due to inclement weather, the Student Government Association meeting scheduled for tonight has been canceled. Please check back soon for our next event.

01/30/07: Student Government Association meeting. Come show your support for our cause as we continue to push for our proposal to be given the okay from SGA.