Frank Zappa on CNN's Crossfire: On March 28, 1986, famed musician Frank Zappa appears on the popular political show to discuss copyright issues and free speech in concern to music.

Frank Zappa's Participation in Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings: On February 14, 1986, the Maryland State Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a bill proposed by delegate Judith Toth to modify the existing state pornography statute so as to include records, tapes and CDs. Famed musician Frank Zappa can be seen here fighting the proposed bill.

GROUCHO MARX SONG: Is it easy to get approval from a Board of Trustees? See what Groucho Marx has to say!

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PROTESTORS: This is the famous video of protestors rushing the stage at Columbia University and attacking an invited guest speaker from the Minuteman group. This is an unfortunate example of the clash between the free expression of two groups turning to violence out of a lack of respect and tolerance.

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