WWW.THEFIRE.ORG: The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is supporting our effort to bring free speech to Marywood's campus and their website is a great source of information about other schools around the country and the importance of a clear free speech policy.

THE BIG CATHOLIC CASE: Rev. John I. Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, wrote substantive essay about how he feels a school's Catholic heritage ought to interplay with the freedom of expression on campus and the university's dialogue with the wider culture. This essay was written in response to a student performance of the Vagina Monologues on Notre Dame's campus.

AAUP STATEMENT: The American Association of University Professor's (AAUP) joint statement on student rights offers a great model for the type of policy we ought to have at Marywood. Everyone should read through this statement and understand its rationale.

MODEL SPEECH CODE: The University of Arkansas's model speech code offers a great model for any university and includes a well thought out rationale statement that all should read.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH AT YALE (1970S): This PDF contains an expansive summary of the freedom of speech on Yale's campus in the 1970s. The essay here is lengthy but certainly worth reading since it describes in detail the importance of free speech and the conflicts with open expression at a private institution.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH AT YALE (UPDATED): This PDF is an update to the Yale free speech inquiry of the 1970s. It is much shorter and certainly worth reading to see how Yale chose to address specific types of symbolic speech and other issues.

FREE SPEECH ON CAMPUS: An extensive exposition on political correctness and free speech on campus by Alan Kors of FIRE. For those interested in the extremes of political correct speech and the slippery slopes it can create, this is a must read.