02/21/07: Marywood's Student Government Association met last night and voted on our group's free speech proposal. The proposal that they were presented with consisted of three parts. Part one and two of this proposal were unanimously approved. Unfortunately, part three was unanimously disapproved. Now that we have the approval of the SGA, it is time to move up the chain of command. We thank everyone for their support thus far in our efforts, and we encourage you to stick around and continue to support us. For more information on what happened at the meeting last night, and what the three individual parts of our proposal were, please follow this link: SGA Proposal

02/20/07: We have added a few things to a couple different sections of the page today. First, Bill Ziegelbauer's article "What You Need to Know about Free Speech at Marywood" has undergone the final revision for print in the WoodWord. The final version of the article can be read via his page linked to on the 'Writings' section of the site. Also added were the three versions of the publicity poster created by Eric Kovac which advertise the FIRE speech that will be happening on campus next week. Next, through contribution by John Jesuele on the FACEBOOK group's wall, we have added two videos of famed musician Frank Zappa fighting for free speech in music. These two videos can be viewed by clicking their respective links on the 'Media' section of the site. Lastly, as a little housekeeping addition, a news archive has been created for this page. At the beginning of each month, the previous month's news will become archived and viewable via the links at the bottom of this page. Be sure to check out all the changes and new content!

02/17/07: A few changes have been made to the site. Most of these changes are behind-the-scenes type things that you will not visibly see. We have formatted a few things differently to allow for a quicker load time. One major change, though, is that we have added a few articles into the 'Writings' section of our site. Be sure to check them out!

02/09/07: The Marywood Free Speech blog is up and running! Let your comments and concerns regarding our cause and/or our site be heard! The blog is accessible via the link that follows, as well as via the 'Contacts' portion of our website. All comments and discussions are welcome! (PLEASE NOTE: comments will be screened for appropriateness since we are trying to remain relatively professional.) blogspot

02/08/07: We have decided to post President Reap's October 5, 2006 ("hate speech" bomb) reply to FIRE's letter of September 19, 2006. The reply is available through the following link, and is also accessible via the 'History' portion of our website. Letter

02/06/07: The administrators of this group have been discussing ways in which we could make your voices be heard, besides just on our FACEBOOK group. We are investigating this because we realize that not everyone that visits our site has a FACEBOOK account, and thus their voice cannot be heard on that site. We have come to the conclusion to incorporate a group discussion forum into this site somehow. Check back soon to join up and start discussing your thoughts!

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